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Diabetes – A short Study

Diabetes - A short study

best-diabetologist -in-thane

India is the diabetes capital of the world. Diabetes is a metabolic disorder. In this, the sugar or glucose levels rise. There are two types of diabetes – Type 1 is hereditary & Type 2 is acquired. Metabolism is a large number of biochemical reactions happening at the cellular level. It keeps on changing. It depends on breathing, food activity, and sleep. Today unhealthy diet has damaged our metabolism.

Homeopathy is the only treatment that acts at the root cause of the problem and helps to treat metabolic disorders. Our cells are structured in such a way that it absorbs the sugar present in the blood. In metabolic disorder this cell does not utilize this sugar which leads to the increase in blood sugar levels. Best diabetologist in thane, Dr. Madhuri Tetgure helps reduce our metabolism and decrease when sugar level in the blood increases. It gives signal to body to secrete more insulin. Beta cells present in pancreas have been attacked. Insulin resistance keeps on increasing. Then again, more insulin is required. Beta cells do not regenerate and deteriorate further beyond a limit. If there are no Beta cells then no insulin and we would need to take insulin injections.

If sugar level increases it may lead to
1) high BP
2) high cholesterol
3) Obesity
4) increases heart attacks
5) damages kidney

How diabetes is treated by doctor Madhuri Tetgure?
Homeopathy works on the principle of similia or similarity which means like uses like. For this, a detailed case history of the patient is taken by the doctor herself. She understands the reason i.e root cause of the metabolic disorder. In the first 3 months, your body is detoxified with constitutional homeopathic medicine.

In the next trimester, your body is challenged with homeopathic precise doses so that it helps the pancreas to recreate insulin naturally. In the third trimester, your body is detoxified completely improving your mental and physical health.

Diabetes reversal program with homeopathy has no side effects. It not only helps to decrease sugar but also help obese patients to lose weight. Homeopathy treats the root cause of the disease. The result may very from person to person.

Let’s treat diabetes with homeopathy. Let’s treat the root cause now.

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