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Is homeopathy safe?

Yes, homeopathy is absolutely safe. Medicines are sweet pills. It can be given to one day newly born child, pregnant mothers and old aged people also. Homeopathy medicines act at a root cause & increase the body’s immunity thus helping our body to fight against infections.

How many months of treatment I should take?

The duration of the treatment completely depends on the body’s response. How your body is reacting to the medicines. For example – we had twin girls visiting our clinic for urticarial rash. One of the girl got treated in 7 months. While her twin sister had to take treatment for 37 months and then she was urticaria free. There are few treatments like fungal infection, hair regrowth, piles, and fissures, where
doctors can give approximate duration.

Is Homeopathy expensive?

Not at all. Homeopathy is the safest branch of medical treatment and has no side effects. The medicines are also not expensive.
But the challenging part is case history, studying your case, repertorisation and giving the similimum medicines. There are few doctors who practice in this ideal way. Dr. Madhuri Tetgure also practices in this detailed manner which has helped her to treat many patients in 15 years.

Are there any restrictions when consuming homeopathy medicine?

There is no restriction if you are taking treatment from Dr Madhuri Tetgure because the medicine given by them is acting at the root cause and hardly interacts with external things.

How to contact doctors if anything is required?

You will be given an OPD number and one WhatsApp number. Share your OPD number along with your problem. Dr. Madhuri or her assistant doctor will guide you. If you want to visit in between you have to pay some minimal charges and see the doctor personally.

Is homeopathic treatment suitable for children?

Yes, homeopathy is safe and effective for children of all ages. Pediatric homeopathy focuses on addressing children’s unique needs and can help with various health concerns, from colic and teething troubles to allergies and behavioral issues.

Can homeopathy be used alongside conventional medications?

Yes, homeopathy can be used alongside conventional medications. It is essential to inform your homeopath about any ongoing treatments to ensure compatibility and avoid potential interactions.

How long does homeopathic treatment take to show results?

The duration of treatment varies depending on the individual, the nature of the condition, and its severity. Some people may experience significant improvement within weeks, while others may require more extended periods of treatment for chronic or complex conditions.

Are homeopathic remedies addictive?

No, homeopathic remedies are non-addictive. They do not contain any pharmacological active substances in quantities that could lead to addiction.

Where can I find a reputable homeopathic clinic in Mumbai?

There are several reputable homeopathic clinics in Mumbai. You can ask for recommendations from friends or family, consult online directories, or check professional homeopathic associations for a list of registered practitioners in your area.

Autism Treatment Programs - Let's enable our abled child.

Is autism recovery possible?

At our clinic, in the first consultation, we examine the child for 45 minutes and note down the developmental stages the child has achieved. After thoroughly studying the child, his homeopathy medicines are given from our clinic itself. Along with this, Dr. Madhuri Tetgure prefers giving IEPs to the child. In the USA, IEP is given by every doctor which helps the child to achieve his targets. But in India, hardly a few doctors give IEP with homeopathy.

What is IEP?
  1. IEP means Individualised Education Plan. In simple words the child’s level is noted and some individualized strategies are explained to the parents which will help the child to achieve the next level with ease. In this, there is everything that is taken care of. Examples: Behaviour, language, social skills, self-help skills, academics, emotions, etc.

    Dr. Madhuri Tetgure has been practicing homeopathy for 15 years. She has successfully treated children with Autism, ADHD, behavior disorder, and learning disability. The things that have helped her in a such a good percentage of recovered children are as follows:

    • Committed parents – When a doctor explains IEP, everything has to be done in a specific manner. Parents should spend enough time with their children. Or there should be someone in the house following IEP.


    • Parents should be happy. Whenever parents receive a diagnosis they start getting stressed and worrying about their child’s future. We request every parent to be happy and be like an energy bomb who will spread happiness around their child as all things are workable. Autism, behavior disorder, ADHD, and learning disability are nothing but the differently wired brain. Our children are efficient in learning but in a different way. They “learn” and that is important, not the way they learn.


    • Fun quotient – Have lots of fun with your child while teaching him. This will help him engage with you.


    • Anger – Do not scold, shout or hit the child. The child is learning from you. He learns expressing by looking at you.


    • Trust – Select a doctor (homeopathy) who has good experience in treating children who know IEP. This will not only save you money from therapy but will also take the child to the next level. This treatment is very lengthy. It takes time so, trust your doctor and take treatment for at least one year without creating gaps.


    • Homeopathy medicine – Dr Madhuri Tetgure takes detailed case history and then repertories it and prepares IEP and then gives homeopathic medicines. This whole process takes about three hours. The case taking lasts for 45 minutes. Homeopathy medicines have no side effects and can be given to children. They treat the root cause and act at the neuronal level. This helps children to focus and learn new things.
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