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What is Parent Education Program (PEP)?

Parent Education Program (PEP)

Have you noticed that the child is well behaved with therapists and follows their instructions, whereas it is very difficult for parents to handle the child? The reason for this being strategy and skills . So we at Dr. Tetgure’s Healthcare came up with Parent Education Program (PEP).

In this program we teach parents different aspects like behavior correction, ,speech and language development, ,social skills,, self help guide, and academics which includes Hindi, Marathi, Maths, English, and Environmental science (EVS).

  • In Behaviour Correction – Parents are taught how to increase sitting tolerance of a child, how to increase eye contact, how to decrease his restlessness, how to increase good behavior and to decrease bad behavior and many more steps in behavior which will help you child from level 1 to last stage.
  • In Speech and Language Development – We teach parents the strategies that will prepare the child to say words, then the child is made to produce a single sound then two sounds are joined to form one word then 2 to 3 words, ,1 sentence, , 1 paragraph, then answering questions, asking questions, etc. till child attends his final speech and language development stage.
  • In social skills – We teach parents the strategies that will help their kids to portray more socially appropriate behavior like greeting, understanding each other’s feelings, listening to teachers, making friends, going out for movies etc.
  • In Self- help skills – We teach parents the strategies that will help their kids to be independent. Child will be able to do his household things. He will be able to buy groceries, toilet training, brushing and grooming. All self help activities so that he will not be dependent on anyone.
  • Academics – Last but not the least Academics how to help child hold pencil, draw, color. How to write A,B,C,D. How to teach child phonics and make him read. How to teach counting, addition, subtraction in the easiest way. How to teach the concepts of EVS. How to teach the language of hindi and marathi.

Why is the Parent Education Program (PEP) Important?

  • Dependency on Therapists: Without PEP, parents might heavily rely on therapists for guidance and solutions, leading to dependency on them for addressing various issues.
  • Limited Therapy Time: Limited to 45 minutes per week, which might not be sufficient to tackle complex problems effectively.
  • Lack of Parental Independence: The absence of a structured program might result in parents being dependent on therapists for addressing every problem, lacking the ability to handle issues autonomously.
  • Potential Bonding Challenges: Therapists dealing with numerous children may face challenges in forming strong, consistent bonds with each child, possibly impacting the quality of the therapeutic relationship.

Meet Your Doctor - Dr. Madhuri Tetgure

Dr. Madhuri Tetgure is a renowned homeopathy expert with more than 15 years of solid passion and experience in her area. Her broad experience encompasses a wide range of cases, demonstrating her significant comprehension and proficiency in homeopathic treatments. Dr. Tetgure’s personalized treatment plans customized to individual needs have earned her a reputation for her compassionate approach and commitment to holistic health. Her skill in detecting and treating diseases, along with a firm belief in the principles of homeopathy, has earned her patients’ trust and admiration. 

Dr. Tetgure’s journey has been differentiated by a dedicated search for perfection, making her a source of information and relief for countless people seeking natural, complete healthcare solutions.

In a nutshell, the PEP empowers parents by providing education, skills, intensive sessions, and diverse resources, allowing them to be more self-reliant and better equipped to handle various parenting challenges compared to a scenario without such a program, where dependency on therapists and limited resources may hinder optimal support for the child.

Enhance your parenting skills through Dr. Tetgure’s Parent Education Program (PEP) and observe remarkable progress in your child’s growth! Begin your journey towards comprehensive support in behavior, language, social skills, academics, and more. Reach out to us via call or WhatsApp at +91 9146535425 to enroll now. For further information, explore more and embark on this empowering path to unlock your child’s full potential!

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Welcome to Dr Tetgure’s Healthcare Clinic We’ll Ensure You Always Get The Best Result. 16+


Welcome to Dr Tetgure’s Healthcare Clinic We’ll Ensure You Always Get The Best Result. 16+

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