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Individualised Education Plan (IEP)

Once a mother of 2 years old came with a lot of anxiety saying that her son was going through some issues. When we saw the child, he was non-verbal and was banging his head continuously. He was irritable, cranky and was in his own world not playing with his parents. He was pushing his parents away from him and was avoiding everyone. He was stimming, flapping his hands and jumping all around the house. The child was not even able to hold a pencil. He was bed-wetting and had severe constipation. He was not eating food, was sensitive to touch and had sleep issues too. He was a very hyperactive child and refuses haircut.

After his detailed case history in January 2018, he was given constitutional homoeopathic medicines and an Individualised Education Plan (IEP) was prepared and provided to the parents. At first the father thought that homoeopathy medicines act as a placebo and was least interested in the treatment. While the mother firmly believed and started following everything given by Dr. Madhuri Tetgure.

July 2018 –

The child has stopped banging his head. He has started saying letter words like ap, bye, tata, and dada, etc. Eye contact has also improved by 10%. Hyperactivity has decreased by 20%. He has started eating new food.

January 2019 –

Head banging is completely gone. He has started saying 3-4 word sentences. Hyperactivity has decreased by 50%. He has started playing with his parents. Hand flapping has decreased by 90% and he has begun passing stools after alternate days. Now, more complaints about haircuts.

January 2023 –

The kid is in 1st standard. He has scored highest in Maths and Marathi in class. Now he has conversations with his parents and has started playing with his friends, studies well, and eats well. He passes motion daily and serves his own food on the plate. He says a prayer before eating food and washes his hands before and after food. He visits the barber happily. He wears clothes, eats food with his own hands, washes his own plate, and is toilet trained. He independently goes to the motion and brushes independently. His parents are delighted with the treatment, especially the father.

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